Medical Services
Pok Oi Hospital was established in 1919, and has been serving as an important hospital for the local Yuen Long community for more than 90 years. To meet the increasing health care demand of the New Territories West, the Government announced the redevelopment of Pok Oi Hospital in 1998.
Chinese Medicine Services
The Hospital has provided Chinese Medicine Services to the public ever since its establishment in 1919. Concerted efforts have been made to further develop and improve our services since 2004 which include the set up of Chinese Medicine Polyclinics, advancement of medical equipments, provision of Chinese Medicine (herbal and granule) dispensing service and computerization in operation.
Social Services
The Nursing Home commenced her service in June 1998 which aims to provide the highest standard of care possible for the maintenance and promotion of physical, psychological and social well-being of elderly people whose health condition and dependency level have deteriorated to a point beyond the coping capacity of care-and-attention home and for whom regular medical and nursing care is required.
Education Services
A total of eight secondary schools and primary schools were established by the Board of Directors and The Association of Directors and Former Directors of Pok Oi Hospital since 1979. Please visit their websites for more information.
Emergency Relief Fund / Chronic Illnesses Relief Fund
Emergency Relief Fund is intended to provide relief in the form of direct and temporary grants for the need of individuals and families in special and emergency situations for which other financial assistance may not be applicable or readily available