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Mrs. KAN CHAN Kit Har, Josephine, O.St.J.
Mrs. KAN CHAN Kit Har, Josephine, O.St.J.
Birthplace : Panyu, Guangdong
  Relevant qualifications
  • Whole Safe Investments Ltd. Director
  • Setwin Machinery & Set Win Group Advisor
  • Steering Committee on Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases 2016/2021 Member
  • Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade Regional Vice President
  • Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade, NT Command – President Club 2018/2020 Vice Chairman
  • Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade, Mainland Area Officers’Mess 2016/2018 Chairman
  • Scout Association of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island Region Vice President
  • Hospital Governing Committee of Pok Oi Hospital 2008/2009, 2017/2020 Member
  • The Association of the Directors & Former Directors of Pok Oi Hospital 2016/2017, 2018/2020 Vice Chairman
  • A.D. & F.D. of Pok Oi Hospital Mrs. Cheng Yam On Millennium School 2018/2020 Honorary School Manager
  • POH Tang Pui King Memorial College 2009/2017 School Manager
  • POH 80th Anniversary Tang Ying Hei College 2017/2020 School Manager
  • POH Kindergarten / Day Nursery 2016/2017 School Supervisor
  • POH Youth and Family Services Committee 2013/2015 Chairman
  • POH Elderly Services Committee 2015/2016 Chairman
  • POH Education Services Committee 2016/2017 Chairman
  • POH Medical Services Committee 2017/2018 Chairman
  • POH Human Resources Committee 2018/2019 Chairman
  • Pok Oi Hospital 2004/2014 Director
  • Pok Oi Hospital 2014/2020 Vice Chairman