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Dr. CHAN Shou Ming
Dr. CHAN Shou Ming
Birthplace : Jiangmen, Guangdong
  Relevant qualifications
  • Wedding Banquet Group Chairman
  • Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades Honorable Chairman
  • The Association for HK Catering Services Management Ltd Honorable Chairman
  • Federation of Hong Kong Shenzhen Associations Vice-Chairman
  • University of Newcastle Doctor Honoris Causa 2007
  • The Excellence in Achievement of Entrepreneurs 2009
  • World Outstanding Chinese Award 2007/2012
  • Northern University Doctor Honoris Causa 2012
  • POH Fundraising and Promotion Committee 2017/2018 Chairman
  • POH Chan Kwok Wai Primary School 2017/2018 School Manager
  • Pok Oi Hospital 2013/2017 Director
  • Pok Oi Hospital 2017/2020 Vice Chairman