Show Latest Arrangement –愛心傳送二十周年 – 博愛醫院愛心慈善戲曲夜 | Pok Oi Hospital

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Show Latest Arrangement –愛心傳送二十周年 – 博愛醫院愛心慈善戲曲夜

‘愛心傳送二十周年 – 博愛醫院愛心慈善戲曲夜’ will now take place on Monday, 23 November 2020 at Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District. In light of the Government’s announcement on lifting certain social distancing measures, special seating arrangement will be implemented in the venue that seating capacity will be limited to half of the original capacity. Hence, the programme will be presented in two sessions – afternoon session at 2:15pm and night session at 7:15pm.

Audience members are required to keep the original ticket(s) purchased for 28 February 2020 and register by phone at 6257 5500 (Ms. Chan, 愛心傳送) or our Corporate Communications and Fundraising Department at 2479-0121 on or before 10 November 2020 for ticket exchange processing.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your co-operation.