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A red packet brings good wishes and heart-to-heart bonding!


A New Year’s gathering is heartwarming when we greet our friends or relatives and give them red packets. When celebrating a birthday or a special occasion, a red packet that symbolises blessings is impressive. On every occasion, a red packet and a simple blessing warm people’s hearts.


Red Packet Donation


Hong Kong’s population is ageing and the average life expectancy is getting longer. It is expected that by 2033, the number of people aged 65 or above will exceed 2 million. There will be many challenges in caring for the elderly. Let Chinese New Year festivities be a time to bring our blessings to aged people who have been waiting for a helping hand. Help the elderly live a happy life!


We sincerely invite all sectors to donate a “lai see”. Your support will help those elderly living in poverty to receive food and warmth, the sick elderly to get the medical care they need, the talented ones to pursue their dreams, and the underprivileged elderly to get cared for…Support us and help those in our society who need assistance. Let’s spread blessings all over the territory and let the grey-haired generation realize once again that love is all around.


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Pok Oi’s Service Sharing –Helping Others to Develop Self-support and Share Happiness

Ng Lai-fa (Lai-fa) and Chu Fong-mui (Mui) are two regular volunteers of Mrs. Wong Tung Yuen District Elderly Community Centre, one of such centres operated by Pok Oi. They participate in a wide range of volunteer services, such as visiting and calling people who live alone or have disabilities, leading or assisting in activities such as handicraft workshops etc.


Lai-fa and Mui said that being a volunteer allowed them to learn continuously and become more confident. Lai-fa is a Chinese Indonesian, with very few relatives in Hong Kong. When she came to Hong Kong, she could not speak Cantonese and had no friends. By participating in the activities organised by an elderly service centre, she made many friends and her Cantonese improved. Mui is a cancer survivor. Sickness made her physically and mentally exhausted. She even had to carry an ostomy bag. Her status changed from a volunteer to a service target of the Home Care Services Team. Upon recovery, she became a volunteer living a fuller life with a stronger will!


Both are kind-hearted elders and their selfless dedication and contribution are a ray of light that brightens the community. We care about the aged and hope to gain more support from the general public.

Care and Support from Pok Oi Helps Achieve Ageing in place

Your support will enable us to expand services that are catered to the needs of the aged. Our elderly homes provide a continuum of residential care services. The different service centres that we run for the elderly offer community support services which help them integrate into the community and develop their potentials. Furthermore, we reach out to those living in remote rural areas. Our outreach services cover the various needs of the less conscious elderly and make them feel cared for.

In severe winters, Pok Oi Caring Meal Express delivers heartwarming gifts to the frail elderly.


Apart from lai see donation, we hope the general public can be more caring by giving monthly donations Your generosity will enable Pok Oi continue to support the elderly in need.


Pok Oi Friend Monthly Donation Programme