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Pok Oi Hospital Legacy Donation Scheme – The Passing On of Love and Blessing


The end of one’s life can be the starting point for making a difference. Love and blessing can be passed on to the living in the form of a legacy, which can also give renewed hope to the less fortunate. Donate your legacy according to your wishes, bringing the spirit of caring to families, elders, youth and children in need. Your generosity will help Pok Oi to expand Chinese and Western medicine services, dental, social and education services, and many more. Let us spread your love across the Hong Kong community.

Memorial Donation

  • Condolence Money, Expenses for Floral Tributes
    Donate the condolence money or the expenses for sympathy flowers to Pok Oi. Such charitable giving will bring additional meaning to the remembrance of the deceased.

Legacy Giving

  • By Making a Will
    You may donate all or part of the property (cash, securities, real estate, etc) to Pok Oi through making a will in accordance with your wishes. Your solicitor will provide different options of donation based on your asset position. After making a will, tell your family about it to ensure that your wishes will be carried out to benefit the community. (You may consult your solicitor or visit the Law Society of Hong Kong’s website for advice on how to draw up your will.)
    Hong Kong Law Society reference website:
  • By Donating Your Policy
    You may consider naming “Pok Oi Hospital” as one of the beneficiaries in your existing or new insurance policy for a percentage or full amount of the sum insured (e.g. XX% to family members, XX% to Pok Oi Hospital). Let your love extend beyond your lifetime and spread across the community.
    Information required when signing up for policy donation:
    Organisation: Pok Oi Hospital
    Address: UG/F, POH Jockey Club Care & Attention Home Bldg., Au Tau, Yuen Long, N.T.
    Company Registration Number: SO 0000038
    IR No. (Tax Exemption) / Hong Kong Ordinance: 91/345
    For more details, please consult the concerned insurance companies or visit the website of “LifeCare Movement” (https://www.policydonation.org.hk/pdp/).

When you have any enquiry of the legacy donation or plan to donate to Pok Oi Hospital, pls contact Corporate Communication & Fundraising Dept. at 2479 0022. (Email: bodfrd@pokoi.org.hk; Fax no.: 2479 5025)