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Dental Outreach Team

Dental Outreach Team
Dental Outreach Team
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Service's Description

Pok Oi Hospital has been providing outreach dental services since 2011. We were one of the service providers in the “Pilot Project on Outreach Primary Dental Care Services for Elderly in Residential Care Homes and Day Care Centres” sponsored by the Food and Health Bureau, which was a three-and-half-year program ended 30 September 2014. We are currently participating in the Outreach Dental Care Programme (“ODCP”) sponsored by the Department of Health, a new programme implemented since 1 October 2014 to replace the Pilot Project to provide regular outreach dental care services to elderly aged 60 or above residing in residential care homes (including those for persons with disabilities) and nursing homes as well as users of the day care centres for elderly. The ODCP aims:

(a) To provide FREE dental care services to the elderly at residential care homes and day care centres, including those in need and considered by the attending dentist as suitable for further curative treatment;

(b) To promote the importance of oral care and oral health to the elderly, their family members and caregivers; and

(c) To provide oral care training to caregivers to enhance their ability and knowledge in providing daily oral care services to the elderly.

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