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Emergency Relief Fund

Emergency Relief Fund
Emergency Relief Fund
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Service's Description

Emergency Relief Fund is intended to provide relief in the form of direct and temporary grants for the need of individuals and families in special and emergency situations for which other financial assistance may not be applicable or readily available such as:
– Families in acute financial need due to death of breadwinner
– Elderly living alone who are facing acute crisis
– People who get disabled in an accident and require auxiliary equipments
– Assistance is given in a one-off basis

Application procedures:
-Referrals can be made through the Social Welfare Department, Non-governmental Organizations, local organizations and individuals as well as mass media.
-Direct application
Please fill in the application form and provide the relevant supporting documents.

Form of Assistance:
– Financial Support
– Material Support

Application Form
Download Pok Oi Hospital Emergency Relief Fund Application/ Referral Form (Chinese Version Only) Download