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Jockey Club Hostel For Single Persons

Jockey Club Hostel For Single Persons
Jockey Club Hostel For Single Persons
Mr. Richard Tsang
Flat 101, 1/F, Sui Keung House, Siu Sai Wan Estate, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
2505 6139
2505 6159
Service's Description

1. Aims & Objectives :
1.1 To provide a short-term / middle-term accommodation for the single persons.
1.2 To help the residents adjust well in the hostel.
1.3 To encourage the residents to develop their
1.4 To prepare the residents for their future housing planning.

2. Facilities :
2.1 The hostel provides 40 residential places for the residents.
2.2 5 to 9 residents share one flat where cooking and bathing facilities are offered.
2.3 A common room for various activities , such as
chatting, reading, computer and etc.

3. Eligibility Criteria :
3.1 Have a social or housing need.
3.2 Capable of personal hygiene and able to manage
laundry of personal clothing.
3.3 Mentally and physically suitable for communal living.

Operation Hours

Mondays to Fridays : 9:00AM– 5:00PM
Saturdays : 9:00AM–1:00PM

Fees & Charges

Monthly Charge $1440

Service Quota


Application Form
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